One Derp to rule them all,

One tweet to find them,
One site to bring them down,
and in the laughter, bind them.

What is Derp O’ The Day©?
It’s yet another conservative/libertarian right-leaning web site that seeks out and catalogs idiocy from across the isle. Think of us as Woot for funny stuff. 

What makes you different?
Our Number #1 priority is to make you laugh. If you’re looking for long blog and deep analysis of a topic, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Will there only be one Derp O’ The Day©, per day?
Probably not. We are not trying to be a clearing house of everything that’s going on. It’s purely a as-needed basis. Typical idiocy from social media channels may not be worthy of inclusion. Of course, every single day, Shannon Watts says something dumb. But we’ll only feature her when necessary.

What’s the Yay O’ The Day©?
Sometimes we’ll find something so amazing – that’ll we’ll need to bring attention to it.

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Your System Admin