There never has been a “news” organization more ironically named than ThinkProgress.

It’s just a matter of fact. Example Frooplebajillion-and-one:

Can you see that? Please tell us that we are not seeing things.

Do you know we keep in our nightstand to protect ourselves from home invaders? I tell you: It’s not a head of Romaine Lettuce that was unceremoniously yanked out of the ground by a illegal day laborer who couldn’t be bothered to wash his hands.

Romaine lettuce is too dangerous to be in stores, but guns are still available 24 hours per day
Gun violence kills 96 people every day.

They do not think.
They do not progress.

In the annals of history, after we’ve all shuffled off this mortal coil and have met up with Saint Peter, humans on Earth with over-sized craniums will be discussing, telepathically, how incredibly moronic the staff ThinkProgress had been.

And they’ll be correct.

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